Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mountain Hawk Eagle

This one's a really fierce bird from the hills - a Mountain Hawk Eagle, soaring above the Shivaliks bordering Corbett Tiger Reserve. In March 2013, we were headed towards Kanda, the highest point within Corbett. Unfortunately, one of the bridges over the Ramganga had been washed away that year, and hadn't been rebuilt. Our diverted route would be nearly 100 kilometres longer - we groaned at this prospect, but were determined to not miss out on Kanda. We gritted our teeth (since both of us are dentists), and took the long, dusty detour. What a spectacular journey it was! We climbed into high mountain country, sheltering pine forests...and this Mountain Hawk Eagle swooped down onto the road to nab something. He didn't catch anything, but we managed to catch a few good shots as he circled away. Anybody for the road not taken?

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