Friday, April 2, 2010

The Hibernation ends!

Like all self-respecting beasts, Green-indians were enjoying a well deserved hibernation from the harsh climes of the blogosphere. We're now back with that mad look in the eye (we're dentists, after all!), and with a bagful of wildlife images from the pristine wildernesses of our country. One of the earliest Chinese imports was a saying which went, "one picture is worth ten thousand words", and we've decided to happily sacrifice our zeal for churning out text at the altar of laziness. What will follow on a regular basis (promises, promises...) is blatant exhibitionism....oops, sorry, an exhibition of images we've liked from our sojourns.
We begin the series with a dazzling beauty from the dark world of moths - an unexpected guest to our lodgings at Topslip, Anaimalai.

It was a dark, misty January morning outside our treetop hut at Topslip, Anaimalai, Tamil Nadu, and the dense fog threatened to disrupt our quest for wildlife. We peeped desultorily out of the window, and one of the most breathtaking sights greeted us: a moth of unparalleled beauty, with iridiscent colours and streamers which prompted us to nickname him "Ikraan" after the eponymous creature from James Cameron's Avatar.
Experts in the field helped us identify him as Sonthannaxia maenas, a relative of the Indonesian Moon Moth, but would you mind if we continue calling him Ikraan?

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Mycologista said...

Oh, my! I would travel to Anaimalai for the Moon Moth alone! How beautiful!

Wonderful blog, thank you.